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HVAC Works

Our in house team is comprised of AC technicians and ductmen lead by an experienced supervisor. We have worked in complex environments, installed ducts of various types, including SS, Galvanized Iron, MS (Mild Steel) and PI (Pre-Insulated).

Our projects include systems such as Split and Package Units, Fan Coil, Fresh Air, and all types of extractions. We have successfully submitted and executed HVAC works with the municipality and with the main developers, including Meraas, Emaar, Nakheel and Al Wasl.


Our electrical team is comprised of electricians supervised by an electrical foreman and managed by an Electrical Engineer DEWA and Municipality approved.

We carry out analysis, live tests, executive electrical drawings, and can install and/or modify DB and SMDB panels. Can troubleshoot issues with breakers and high or low voltage related dysfunctions.


If unearthed plumbing is no joke, the one below the floor may impact the operation of a heavy duty commercial premise. For this reason, our plumbers aren’t just experienced and qualified craftsmen, but any of our installation undergo very rigid and demanding tests, including gravity and pressure.

Our installations follow international quality practices which are widely accepted also by all the UAE municipalities and developers. To date Projeco Contracting had no warranty recalls for any plumbing works.

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