Tiling Works

We have a lot of experience in commercial and residential projects all across the United Arab Emirates, mostly in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. Our company works closely with designers and architects to ensure that the installation is performed in accordance to the look and feel and to the requirements imposed by the most demanding developers.

Our workforce can install Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Stone, Travertine, Marble, Slate, Terracotta, Victorian, Mosaics.


Gypsum boards aren’t all the same. Our regular installation is based on Knauf 12.5 mm when not specified for different use as might be the case for fire rated partitions or wet areas that obviously require waterproof boards. Knauf ensures the best value for money. Does not compromise on quality and ensures time resistance.

Prior to any installation we liaise with the architect and any technical counterpart to ensure that any installation is implemented to the highest and strictest standards, based on over ten years of experience.

Wood & Joinery

One of the advantage to have in house joinery carpenters is to provide consistency in the quality of installations.

For commercial projects, the installation of joinery is not only an essential matter that could considerably delay the projects. By employing seasoned experienced carpenters, our deliverables are ensured on time and with a consistent quality continuity.

Projeco Contracting has abundant availability of instruments of the highest quality brands. Deals with strong and large suppliers that ensure the best wood at the most affordable prices with plentiful of stock available.

In the last decade Projeco Contracting has undertaken many works which consists in both commercial fast pace wood structure and also luxury premises with demanding finishings.

Projeco Contracting avails also of selected partners to cater different types of Joinery Workshops. Small ones to cater small projects with budget restraints and very large ones with exposure on very large projects such as hotels.

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